Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A veritable United Nations of coffee beans waiting to be roasted today in Dunn Bros. store on Loring Park.

Not only is the coffee at Dunn Bros. always tasty, and served just right with a knowing smile, but the aficionados call it  sabroso 

On my way out of the Loring Park store today, sabroso iced skim latte in one hand, a sizable slice of Cinnamon coffee cake in the other, I saw these bean bags next to the roaster, waiting to be prepped, both hot brewed and iced.  Love the color of the bags, the country-of-origin sticks plunged deep in the beans.  Had to go quickly to the car, grab the 'Phone and snap a couple of fotos.

I'm not sophisticated enough in my taste -- God knows I drink enough coffee everyday! -- to catch the subtle "notes" of Peruvian vs. Ethiopian, for instance.  Maybe a private taste test, writing up results for readers of the Poppy Blog, might be the remedy?

Meanwhile, you sure can't go wrong with Dunn Bros. java, no matter its country of origin. The coffee cake is from the Twin Cities, baked fresh daily; can't miss on that one, either.

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