Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas from Long Lake!

Carolers arrive in horse-drawn wagon signing their hearts out!  Of Bells, and Good Kings, Mangers and Magi.  Inside our house a cauldron of steaming apple cider awaited the songsters. And old-fashioned Christmas celebration, to be sure;  only a foot of newly fallen snow would have made it better
Santa brought big, indestructible winter gloves and a furry bonnet.

Shire draft horses pull the sleigh-ful of carolers.
Finally, in case you were curious, the unsightly item obliterating my right nostril is a bar on coffee-bean bar soap.  It smells like java, contains all the goodness of hot-brew, and allegedly is good for one's skin.  

I'll report back on efficacy once I try it out.

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