Thursday, December 17, 2015

Paella -- legendary Spanish chicken, rice, clams, veggies dish -- pans on sale in Uptown. Big one serves 200 hungry diners.

Lookee what we came across today: paella pans, small (cooks for two) up
 to humongous (can prepare food for as many as 200 folks at one time).  Little pans start around $20.00 or so.  The biggee is not for sale.  The Kitchen Store rents it out for parties, soirees, weddings, fiestas, whatever.  Also saw kindling wood from Jamaica, Weber grills with manufacturer's suggested retail price of $5000+, and espresso machines that will set the home barista and aficionado back several thousands of euros.  What a store.  What fun we had.  Hello, Santa.

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