Friday, March 17, 2017

Bright blue skies, stunning afternnon sunshine, yet cold enough for Wayzata to be inside, taking a warm-up break.

For all the times we've walked along Lake Minnetonka we'd never seen this piece of tribute public art.  Simple yet elegant there's a story here that I must learn more about. And if/when I do, I'll post on the blog for others to enjoy. Meanwhile, go check the work yourself: it's right across E. Lake Street from Ben + Jerry's

Your iPhone can deliver a stunning, award-winning shot if the snow, sun, sky and trees conspire to make it happen.  It's hard to resist taking fotos when sun bounces off lake water and sneaks between limbs and branches of naked trees.

Construction on the new municipal parking lot has stopped for the day. I like that the stop sign is taking a break as well.

Big project, huh?  Wonder where Gate 2 leads?

And this one is my favorite cold weather Wayzata shot.  A dad and his son deeply engrossed in reading some important book together.  The library table looks perfect for this memorable experience, the wood warm and inviting.  Dad didn't see me peeking through the triple-pane windows, though if he had I wouldn't likely have taken a pic if I could have seen his face and eyes.  Wonder if the book is Robinson Crusoe, maybe some more contemporary classic?

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