Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hanging out this afternoon at the Hennepin County Libary in Ridgedale.

Of course you go the Dunn Brothers before setting foot inside the main reading room.  It's OK to bring in your lattes -- just don't spill anything!

You've got to check out this paper back book art if you've not seen it before.  Looks a little bit like origami, don't you agree? Wish I'd asked about the artists who created it.

Clam shell? Whole bunch of scarves hanging together? Pages from a Mickey Spillane novel?

I'm thinking how painstaking it likely was to create this piece -- or/and any of the others I just posted.What do you think?

In the lobby of the library, just beyond the automatic door, there are maybe four pieces of ceramic art. Two of them are benches - would you call them benches?  They don't look comfortable and that's maybe why no one was chilling on them when I arrived there.  Along comes a very nice couple, however, and I asked if they'd mind posing for a foto. How agreeable they were - lovely people.  

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