Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sweet Weekend, indeed. Choc Chip Cookies, Fresh Maple Syrup, Sour Dough Flap Jack resipe with Goose Eggs, Homer Made Pork Sausages and Caramelized Bacon. Oh, yum, yum, yum.

Foodie weekend started in Wayzata at Woullet Bakery. Two massive choc chunk cookies, delivered by Gretchen, with justifiable pride.  

Two Pony great-room table displays just boiled Maple Syrup which Lisa put up in glass jars within past 12 hours. Jason, in the middle of the pic, did a lot of the tree-tapping, collecting and the boiling.  You can imagine how excited he was to be sitting down to a maple syrup and pancake brunch.

Satisfied Syrupers display with pride examples of their Maple Harvest.

Golden Goodness.

Civil War era Iron Tree Tap, imported to Minnesota from Vermont.  They know something about syrup back in the Green Mountain state.

Slightly less old tree tapper, made of aluminum, rests alongside the original.

Pork sausage from North Carolina iron-skillet simmering alongside non-nitrate bacon from the local co-op.

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