Monday, July 21, 2014

French Best-Seller, Renault "Dauphine"

My neighbor and world traveler Jim H has added "French Classic Car Shopper" to his resume.

My inbox today contained this supremely cool foto of an early-series-run "Dauphine," manufactured by Renault in France.  The model year might be 1956.  Judging by other mid-Century classics on the lot, this could be a car show or weekend swap meet.  Makes me wonder whether old Jimmy took the Renault home after a test drive, or threw down his Euros instead for the Citroen 2-CV immediately behind the Dauphine. 

Checked "Dauphine" out on Wikipedia.  France's rear engine, air cooled, rear-wheel drive contribution to the post-War economy car market on the Continent, which was dominated  by FIAT and VW.  All three manufacturers exported to the U.S. at the time.  VW has served the market here all along. FIAT has returned.  Renault (partly owned I believe by Nissan) is re-considering.

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