Sunday, July 13, 2014

Grandma B Plays Host to Terrell, Poppina and Me.

We popped in on Grandma B yesterday afternoon.  Though a call had been placed to let GB know we were bringing a picnic lunch, the message was never delivered

So much excitement when we three visitors walked into GB's room!  Tears of surprise and joy flowed like a river.  Our dear friend looked like a million bucks -- maybe she knew at some karmic level that she'd be entertaining guests?

Chicken sandwiches, potato salad, super-icing brownie from Dunn Bros. -- wow, what a feast.  Plus lots of spirited conversation, rewarding and fascinating, particularly since GB now benefits from an amplified hearing system, thus the headphones seen in the foto here.

Rain had stopped by the time we polished off the last of the brownie.  Off we went on a stroll through the complex.  We met a visitor's dog -- "Big Boy" -- part pit bull, lab, and who knows what else?

All too soon the visit was over. We were off to our suburban home.  GB? Sad to see us go. Us? Sad to leave her behind.  Couldn't she come stay with us for a couple of days?  Sneak her out and install GB in the guest room?  

Growing old -- even uber-healthy old -- is no easy journey.  Maybe it's enough to give thanks, every day, in GB's presence or not, that this remarkable lady plays such an important part in our live.

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