Sunday, July 27, 2014

Looking at Manhattan from Brooklyn's Greenpoint.

Young friends of mine reside in a high rise perch in Brooklyn's Greenpoint section.  You can see that the view is breathtaking.  More on that in a minute.

Greenpoint is a typical New York neighborhood: a vibrant melange of age, race, ethnicity, social and economic class, gender, marital status, country of origin, religion (or not), sexual preferences, and on it goes. 

Two blocks west of the apartment lies Manhattan Avenue.  I'll swear that as  many people speak Polish as English.

I might as well be in another country.

I was in another WORLD with this view toward Manhattan.  Across the East River, a dozen miles away, lies the world's most extraordinary city. You can reach out the window and almost touch the  Big Apple.  The air is so clear. Lower Manhattan high rise profiles etched against the sky. The clouds, the pastel colors, the everything.

Could my friends possibly tire of this view? Take it for granted? Be so busy with work and travel, food shopping, catching a cab, making a living and having a life  -- that they miss what for me is a once in a lifetime view?

I remember taking this shot with a point and shoot.  No kidding. The conditions were so right that I couldn't miss. I felt like a pro composing and adjusting, holding my breath and squeezing the shutter.

Hello Manhattan.  Thanks for being there for me on a plu-perfect kind of day. And thank you  J, C + D, for sharing your life, and the Greenpoint vista, with me.

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