“We have, what, 340 million guns in this country?” “You’re not getting rid of them. They’re not going away.” - Marie Zare, speaking at CPAC

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Contemplating the Target big box store in Hamel, MN.

We'd pedaled up to Target the other day.  Mission was to pick up 4 x 6" glossies, and lay in a supply of Dunkin' Donuts regular grind and some decaf. 

Sitting on the big, red Target cannon ball Jason sports his Camelback: high visibility green pack with a water supply bladder stitched inside. Our veloster hydrates a bit before he and I pass through the automatic doors to do some power shopping.

"Turn around and face the camera," I suggest to Jason.

"No way," comes the reply. "It's a better picture like this."

And he's right.

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