Friday, October 3, 2014

Cranberry Capital of the World !! - Warrens, Wisconsin.

Pina and I stopped by adorable Warrens in western Wisconsin yesterday.  We'd heard about the Annual Cranberry Fest, and wanted to check out the scene.  Turns out we missed the action by a week -- when 100,000+ visitors descended on this burg of 365 full-time residents.

We came upon a very helpful resident who gave us the proud history of her world - cranberry muffins, honey, caramels, even cranberry ice cream. As for her home town she said pretty much the following, which you can find on Wikipedia:

Warrens is the hub of a cranberry-growing region. The population of the small village of Warrens swells to over 100,000 each September when it hosts the annual Warrens Cranberry Festival. One of the largest such festivals in the country, Cranfest is held annually during the last full weekend of September. The festival includes over 100 farmers market booths, 350 antique and flea market vendors, 800 arts and craft vendors, and Wisconsin’s largest marching band parade.[7]

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