Tuesday, October 21, 2014

You'll Find me Now at Goodwill.

I used to buy my shirts at Brooks, 
in colors white and blue.
They’d sew a monogram on my chest
there’d be no mistaking who …

I thought I was or hoped to be,
among the “shoes" at Fence.
Not just a guy from the Chill,
but one with taste and sense.

I’d charge the bunch to dear old Dad, 
who’d never know the diff, 
shirts and socks and ties and such,
buckle shoes as a spiff. 

My clothing muse was pal JI,
taste-maker all agreed; 
or was it Schenck of ALC,
or could it have been Freed?

That was all so long ago, 
a different closet and a time.
Nothing fancy I wear now,
not spendy nor sublime.

I’ve bid adieu to button-downs,
trousers made of twill.
If I ever need a new fall look
you’ll find me at Goodwill!

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