Friday, October 10, 2014

OMG. Pea Hummus. So yummy, and only 5 bucks!

This was a first and I've been to plenty of farmer's markets: sampling Green Pea Hummus alongside Quinoa Salad.  

The quinoa was to die.  But the hummus,  whoa, made of green peas, was out of this world.  A fancy food writer could describe the experience better, but when you took a bite of the hummus you could absolutely identify the pea taste.  Somewhere between uncooked, right out of the pod, and steamed just enough to deliver its distinctive taste.

And the color! No mistaking what this goodness was made of.

Ingredients?  Fresh organic green peas (duh), garlic, ricotta cheese, black pepper, sea salt, lemon zest (whatever that may be) scallions and some lemon juice.   If you EVER come across this stuff in your culinary cruising, grab it.  Savor the pea hummus.  Write your friends about it.  Get another container or two.  What a treat.

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