Friday, October 17, 2014

Girl-chiks at Russian Art Museum Today.

Betsy and Pat flew in from Steamboat Springs to spend a long weekend here in Long Lake.  Our dear guests and we get together a couple of times a year, and we never fail to have a blast.

Today's adventure?   The Museum of Russian Art on Stevens @ 35-W in Minneapolis. Our curious museum goers pose for old Poppy just before we discover the magic inside.

Special exhibits include folk art wood carvings --   prialkas -- used by young Russian maidens in spinning cloth, and highly prized as dowry items by families of the bride and groom.

Contemporary Russian Artist Alexander Viazmensky displayed detailed and exquisite water colors of  Leccinum  -- common and not so common mushrooms, all deliciously edible.

Favorite exhibit was the  nalichniki -- "window surrounds," in English -- window frames, built for the outside of village homes, carved with an artist's touch, and richly and proudly painted.  Nalichniki art reached its zenith in the late 19th century; homes throughout pre-Soviet Russia took part.   Today, many of the original "surrounds" remain, and a project is underway to photograph tens of thousands of the best examples for reference.

Went to the gift shop, of course.  Had some wonderful herbal tea. Bought a few items for the holiday so Santa can surprise good little boys and girls.  Keep your eye peeled.

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