Friday, May 9, 2014

Don't Confuse Polo with Afghan Buzkashi.

It could be easy to mistake Buzkashi for polo: players in both sports ride horses, and go like hell.

Buzkashi features dust and dirt and danger - just like polo does.

Unlike polo, however, a buzkashi match like the one above in Chapandaz, Kabul in 1970, includes no tailgating or sponsor tents.

What really sets these two macho sports apart is the equipment the players use.  In polo it's a mallet and a white ball.  In buzkashi, players ride around the field with the head of a dead goat under their arm. Points are scored by lobbing the head into the goal of the opposing team.

Curious to know more about this ancient sport?  Or Afghanistan and its tumultuous history?  Check the following websites:   Images of Afghanistan 

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