Saturday, May 3, 2014

Two over easy, Betty. How 'bout more Java, Carl.

Can't you imagine what used to go on in the Betty and Carl Cafe? Young love discovered. Assignations explored. Tired truckers refueling with pies and strong black coffee.  Political careers launched. Deals done …. and undone.  Who knows what else?

OK, Velo-sters.  Who wouldn't stop to took at this heroic sign?  Where was that cafe, and when, and what happened to it?   And how did Jim Barnard of Timelines Antiques in St. Paul come across the sign in the first place?

And how much is he asking?

Stop in the shop on Snelling Ave., or inquire at    And while I didn't ask about the sign I did buy an old Smith-Corona "Skywriter" from Mr. Barnard and plan to change ribbons and write a note to Carl + Betty, c/o the Cafe.

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