Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wayzata Train Station - Model Railroading Lives Strong.

Thank you, Lake Minnetonka Garden Club!

Because of your passion, plus the vision of local fans and boosters, model railroading lives strong in Wayzata. 

Trains aren't running quite yet  -- give them a couple of weeks.  Ditto plants and flowers -- they're on the cusp of bloom.

Then there's the lettering on the scale model train station: missing a "W" thanks to the brutal winter just ended.  A bit of glue and a little white paint should put things right.

Visitors get giddy when the railroad is up and running.  Trains chug by each other, and past exquisite scale buildings and villages with remarkable precision.  For a few minutes on the weekend everyone becomes a kid again, who loves model trains.  Come see for yourself sometime what the excitement is all about.

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