Friday, May 2, 2014

Schwinns, Whizzers, Cushmans: When ads ran on Brick Walls.

Don't you just love this old ad?  It's painted on a brick building in St. Paul.  How many years ago?  I'd guess 50-60, anyway.  I saw this today while driving north on Snelling Avenue, and had to stop and shoot.  You can almost make out the store name and brands of wheels they sold.  And the colors! Wow. The paint is strong and resilient and magically legible. Not too tough to imagine yourself as a kid again, longing for that Schwinn Black Panther in the window of this shop.  Or maybe it was a Whizzer? Cushman Eagle? How much fun was that era in our lives?  As long as the paint doesn't fade those memories will last forever.

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