Monday, April 13, 2015

Acoma Pueblo, off I-40, west of Albuquerque, NM.

I can barely tell you, dear reader, what a remarkably spiritual place is Acoma Pueblo.  As the sign above says this remote, stunning locale in what is now the New Mexico high country, has been inhabited since the 13th Century.  Despite the best efforts of  Spanish "conquistadores," the native Acomans held off assault after assault and never relinquished their land, culture, treasure -- indeed, they never gave up their soul -- to the forces of the King of Spain.

The craftsman stringing his bow, below, told me made this museum quality piece out of Osage, wrapped it in rawhide in places, and took two elk with this bow, and the arrows he hand made for the hunt.  I was interested in maybe buying the bow -- my new friend offers it at $500.  Yipes.  My collection doesn't get off the ground.

The Museum is beautiful and sophisticated.  The dough to create this place comes from some familiar names, but plenty of donors unknown to Old Poppy.  The curation is special as well - clean, modern, lots of white space, inviting and inspiring.

Outcroppings like the ones below are defining features of Sky City and the Acoma Pueblos.  As travelers/photographs always explain, their pics can never quite do justice to the subject matter. Nature's grandeur must be seen to be appreciated. 

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