Sunday, April 26, 2015

Delacroix "Convulsionists of Tangier" at Mpls. Institute of Art.

How little most people -- certainly I -- knew about Islam back in the mid-1800's.  Only now am I coming to understand ( and just a bit) the power and passion of the faith.  Seeing French artist Eugene Delacroix's masterpiece at the Minneapolis Art Institute last week gave me perspective. A Muslim Sufi sect enacts the ritual pilgrimage of Aissawa in the streets of Tangier; our Monsieur Delacroix was there to convey the "commotion of the pilgrimage .... vividly colored and vigorously brushed ..." for all time.  Wow.  Check this out if you've not see the work.  Astonishing for its cultural, historical and religious insights -- never mind a stunning work of art that entrances on its merits.

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