Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ad Sales Dep't. Presents Public Art Review Magazine.

On a table near the host's station at Lowbrow Bistro last night, management had arranged with Forecast exec dir. Jack Becker to display copies of PAR 51 -- the Fall/Winter issue of this prestigious international magazine.

In an effort to record the event for all time, I asked the Lowbrow host (ess) to pose with the mag while I snapped a shot or two with my iPhone 5 S.

Nothing doing, I was told: "I am camera shy."  OK.

"Then you wouldn't mind taking a picture of me with the issue.  I'm the advertising sales guy" (actually, pretty much the entire sales dep't. And that's a great honor and pleasure.)

So here we are: French artist JR and me, hanging at the Lowbrow, grooving on the venue and, most decidedly, the food.  To meet up, and hang out with, Dave Machacek and partner Kari shortly after this foto was taken: priceless.

What a stellar event. 10% of the table checks from last night were donated to worthy non-profit Forecast Public Art.  Yeah Jack Becker.  Yeah Lowbrow Bistro. Yeah customers, diners, habitues. Hope you all enjoyed the event as much as I did.

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