Friday, April 17, 2015

Cowboy Shirts Hang at Western Laundry in Wickenburg.

Cowboy customers of Western Laundry in Wickenburg sure know how to dress right.  Choice of shirts, in particular, deserves a call-out on the Blog.

Western's owner told me that all the shirts on this rack are laundered, never dry cleaned.  They are pressed (meaning a little starch finds its way into the process). Never folded and boxed, cowboy shirts avoid creases, hang on hangers, give their owners every sartorial advantage.

Writing these words while I look down at my tattered, misshapen, drab polo short (ca. 1994) I realize how dowdy this flatlander can appear.  As surely as Winter turns to Spring, it's time for me to head to the cowboy store and get me some new duds.  Shirts with bold patterns, pearl buttons.  Boot style jeans.  Indeed, BOOTS!

I'll keep you posted on my style evolution, and would love to hear stories from the trail as they concern your own workaday (and dress-up) outfits.

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