Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Doin' Some Sherman's Mendo Gold. It's Yummy and it's Legal!

The best honey in California, and possibly the world, comes from Sherman's Hives in Mendocino.  

We arrived at this taste-test conclusion during a visit Nancy and I paid to Bill and Vicki in San Fran not long ago.  Hive master Bill gifted the sweet-toothed Hoyts with one of the last remaining squeeze jars of the 2014 harvest of Mendo Gold.

This stuff is way better than store-bought.  We thought we had some pretty yummy honey back in Long Lake, but the Mendo production could take the blue ribbon at this year's Minnesota State Fair.

If this natural products experience weren't enough, there's an earlier post on the Poppy blog you might remember.  It's about a peanut butter entrepreneur named Alan Turner who mixes a bit o'Mexican jalapeno pepper in his concoction and delivers a taste that's worth writing home about.

So, gourmands:  get ye to San Fran for designer peanut butter, and Mendocino for the honey. How sweet it can be.

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