Friday, July 24, 2015

Amalie sets up Soupologie display in Wayzata Lund's today, explains hers is only ALL NATURAL Prepared Soup in Store, selling well in Summer as well as Winter.

On my way to Produce dep't at Lund's this afternoon, on the hunt for organic raspberries from nearby Wisconsin growers.  Happened upon a lively, confident entrepreneur named Amalie Frankel whose "Soupologie" brand is new in Lund's-Byerly's, and the only ALL NATURAL soup product sold in the chain that isn't cooked up in L-B's own kitchen.

I was surprised to learn that her soup sells well in summer and winter, but not surprised to learn she's distributed in a number of the co-ops in the Twin Cities, as well as other supermarket chains.

Since I was on my bike and had no place to store Soupologie had I bought a pint container, I'll make it back to the store with a proper shopping bag, get some Soupologie, and let you know, dear readers, how the product tastes.

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