Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Staffer at Urban Bean on Lake Street, Minneapolis, serves Possibly the Most Scrumptious Iced Latte that's ever Passed my Lips. You MUST check this shop out if you Have not Done so Already.

This one is a skilled craftsperson - much more than a barista

She's an artist in a way, pays attention to detail, possesses patience in abundance. And when she passed the plu-perfect latte across the counter to me, and I first sipped this ambrosia: pow, wow, ahh, yum. Thank you, Urban Bean. 

While I'm waiting for the artisan to pour my drink, I've managed already to rip to shreds my blueberry muffin. 

Nothing is left to chance.  The milk that goes into each drink gets weighed on a digital scale. In grams, no less.  There's no such thing any more as: "please put a little less 2% in that drink, OK?" It's a brave new world.

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