Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hiawatha Bike Club Spiritual Advisors Keep July 4th Tour d'Amico Riders Banana-ed and Gator-aded Up.

The smiles you see on these two lovely folks are genuine, and infectuous.  They're involved with the annual July 4th Tour d'Amico bike ride -- three routes, some 150+ participants, co-sponsored by Hiawatha Bike Club and the eponymous restaurant.

When I showed up at Starbucks in Plymouth Station today on my informal, self-supported 1-hour ride, there were 30 or so velos parked outside 'Bucks.  Inside some of the riders were enjoying frozen mocha drinks. Outside my new BFF's, shown here, were pouring Gatorade and offering bananas to the peloton.

The gent (did not get his name, of course) had a powerful hand shake.  "He's a salesman," replied the lady, whom I took to be his wife.  "Thirty-three years with Honeywell, and another 13 with a manufacturer's rep here in the 'Cities."

You meet the best people out on two wheels -- and/or sitting on the stone wall working a velo event.  Happy 4th of July to d' Amico and everybody.

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