Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Baker Park Trail Closed to Velo Traffic today. Hennepin County Installs New Culvert to drain Wetlands. Giant Foldy fits into T + C for Trip Home.

These guys are doing great work on the drainage culvert in Baker Park. The bucket operator moves those stones to the stream with the skill and sensitivity of an experienced surgeon.  Front loader brings tons of dirt, gravel to tamp before paving begins.  Job supervisor explains process with pride, but doesn't make an exception in safety regs so I can walk my bike across job site.

Trail closed ahead.  Markers every mile or so along the trail.  As far as I could tell bikers, skaters and walkers followed the rules, and no one tried to sneak through the barricades.

Ride over. Time to head home.  One great feature of the Giant Expressway is the ease with which it folds, fits into the back of Pina's Town + Country.  

Go get one and see for yourself.

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