Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"Handsome" brand Velos on sale at Minneapolis Institute of Art. Order your custom bici now -- prices start around $1100.00 I was told. Wonder if you can test ride it in the Museum, after the MIA closes for the day?

Two styles -- women's and men's -- and an infinite number of sizes.  As it was explained, these are custom fit bikes, made to your specs.  The brand is "Handsome," which I've checked out before at One-to-One on Washington Ave.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Staffer at Urban Bean on Lake Street, Minneapolis, serves Possibly the Most Scrumptious Iced Latte that's ever Passed my Lips. You MUST check this shop out if you Have not Done so Already.

This one is a skilled craftsperson - much more than a barista

She's an artist in a way, pays attention to detail, possesses patience in abundance. And when she passed the plu-perfect latte across the counter to me, and I first sipped this ambrosia: pow, wow, ahh, yum. Thank you, Urban Bean. 

While I'm waiting for the artisan to pour my drink, I've managed already to rip to shreds my blueberry muffin. 

Nothing is left to chance.  The milk that goes into each drink gets weighed on a digital scale. In grams, no less.  There's no such thing any more as: "please put a little less 2% in that drink, OK?" It's a brave new world.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Amalie sets up Soupologie display in Wayzata Lund's today, explains hers is only ALL NATURAL Prepared Soup in Store, selling well in Summer as well as Winter.

On my way to Produce dep't at Lund's this afternoon, on the hunt for organic raspberries from nearby Wisconsin growers.  Happened upon a lively, confident entrepreneur named Amalie Frankel whose "Soupologie" brand is new in Lund's-Byerly's, and the only ALL NATURAL soup product sold in the chain that isn't cooked up in L-B's own kitchen.

I was surprised to learn that her soup sells well in summer and winter, but not surprised to learn she's distributed in a number of the co-ops in the Twin Cities, as well as other supermarket chains.

Since I was on my bike and had no place to store Soupologie had I bought a pint container, I'll make it back to the store with a proper shopping bag, get some Soupologie, and let you know, dear readers, how the product tastes.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

St. Paul Saints Beat Winnepeg Goldeyes at CHS Stadium, Host World's Biggest Pillow Fight, Enter Guiness Book of World Records.

MY PILLOW put on a big, comfy promo last night at CHS Field in St. Paul. Idea was to conduct the largest pillow fight, ever, win a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Pillows were handed out to ticket holders by eager MY PILLOW staffers.  At the end of the 2nd inning the feathers started flying, and folks were taking swings at the guy in the next seat, in front, behind -- people they'd never seen before.

Fun, fun, fun 'til daddy took my pillow away.

The excitement was palpable and the Saints promo guys and gals kept the enthusiasm going and growing.  This pillow fight was a BIG DEAL.

"Scott" sat behind us in Row 10 of Section 106.  As the sign on the back of his t-shirt says, he collects $$ for PR whenever Saints sluggers hit it out of the park.  Scott was working overtime last night.

Cozy little meet, greet and chill areas gave impression of corporate entertainment venues.  Nice mural art came from old stadium, if I remember.  Pillows can be seen, everywhere.  Folks took this deal very seriously.

Last night was also Saturday Night Live theme night.  The Blues Brothers entertained, and some guy hoping to be as cool as Steve Martin performed a rendition of "Funky Tut."  Remember THAT?

All too soon the magic was over. Sun had set, lights come on, record set -- 6,400+ pillow fighters, plenty of feather combatants to make it into Guinness.

As my Friend and seat mate John said:  "Seth, it's perfect.  Saints games are always a hoot.  This one this evening is a double-hoot."

Monday, July 20, 2015

Wildflowers are Perfect Props for Today's Velo Posting. There's another Medina Moment here as well.

The owner of this field in Medina, MN must propagate his yard with gazillions of wild flower seeds each year.  And when the flowers bloom each summer, they are never the same species as the years before.  Check out the closeup of this pink beauty, below.  I'm going to look up the name in a wildflower book we have, see if I can I.D. it.  I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, the ride yesterday was exquisite: sun shining brightly, strong wind from the NW to challenge heart, lungs and quads.  Met a guy at Starbucks who asked me my age -- when I told him 72, he said:  "Aren;t you glad you're still pedaling your bike."  Indeed I am, I replied.

Turns out he's 71,  still working as a starter at a local golf course, and loving every minute of it.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Two Pony Gardens Just Got Make-Over from Mike and His CASE Bucket Loader. You should See the Place Today.

Mike knows how to handle heavy equipment, including 4-in-hand Percheron and Shire work horses.  I've watched him in action: genius artist, doing the impossible.

Day before yesterday he was up at Two Pony, moving rocks around, grading the driveway and parking area -- makes it look might easy.

No sign of the big horses - though Mike makes handling them look easy as well: confident, quiet, sublime. 

Utne Reader Magazine - Semi-Annual Alumni Luncheon, 7/17/15 at Parma 8200.

We've been doing this now for a couple of years.

Tom, Cathy, Margaret and I get together for some swell chow and scintillating conversation.  

There's a bit of dish, of course, as we walk down memory lane.  But since we're all still alive, kicking and vitally engaged, plenty of chatter about what everyone's up to these days.

Cathy Madison's new book is due to be published in September by University of Minnesota Press. And as soon as I can report more on developments there, I certainly will.

By the way:  the chopped salad at Parma 8200 is the best thing on the menu.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Baker Park Trail Closed to Velo Traffic today. Hennepin County Installs New Culvert to drain Wetlands. Giant Foldy fits into T + C for Trip Home.

These guys are doing great work on the drainage culvert in Baker Park. The bucket operator moves those stones to the stream with the skill and sensitivity of an experienced surgeon.  Front loader brings tons of dirt, gravel to tamp before paving begins.  Job supervisor explains process with pride, but doesn't make an exception in safety regs so I can walk my bike across job site.

Trail closed ahead.  Markers every mile or so along the trail.  As far as I could tell bikers, skaters and walkers followed the rules, and no one tried to sneak through the barricades.

Ride over. Time to head home.  One great feature of the Giant Expressway is the ease with which it folds, fits into the back of Pina's Town + Country.  

Go get one and see for yourself.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Roadside Trash Still Sucks - Thank you for not littering, America!

The volume of roadside trash seems to be down this summer.  Not as much litter to clean up along my velo-ways as last year.  But there's still TOO MUCH trash, and litterers are still thoughtless, selfish, arrogant and inconsiderate. 

Next time, let's remind ourselves and friends to stow the crap in a recycle bin, or toss it in a trash can.

I don't mind picking up a little bit, but not all the time.  Thank you.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Third Thursday "Bike Night" at Minnesota Art Institute.

Third Thursday "Bike Night" is one of the best freebie events in the Twin Cities.

I've been to the past couple of Bike Nights at MIA.  Indeed, the large photo at the top of my blog was snapped there in 2013 (I believe).

July 16th is coming up fast: that's Third Thursday Bike Night this year.

With thanks to the Institute, I've copied a link you may want to open. The decidedly hip, youthful group to the right posed for a portrait at a recent Bike Night. 

Who knows?  You may see them again this year. Or, me :-)

Friday, July 10, 2015

TREK 720 sits in fallow field at intersection of Tamarack Drive and Medina Road. Puffy clouds signal that all's right with the world.

Perfect, puffy cloud day to be out on the bike.

While the veloster (Old Poppy here) takes a break from his adventure, the old TREK 720 shows her grace and stature as she rests in a field not far from home.  

And the sky. The sky.  I dedicate 2/3rds of the frame of this foto to the sky.  What do you all think about the proportion?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

1929 Ford Coupe with Rumble Seat Pleases and Impresses in Long Lake. Straw Boater on Front Seat adds Perfect Accent.

1929 Ford Coupe w/Rumble Seat sits serenely in True Value parking lot in Long Lake. Young men admire the simple lines and functionality of this beauty.  Check tongue in cheek note in car's windshield -- no air bag, left my wife at home.  Wonder how SHE feels about this??

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Russian Art Museum - Still a Sleeper with Many Minneapolis Art Lovers. Still a Stunner with its Exhibits.

  1. The Museum of Russian Art
    Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  2. The Museum of Russian Art is a museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota that houses a collection of Russian art from the 20th century, especially Soviet art. Wikipedia
  3. Address5500 Stevens Ave, South Minneapolis, MN 55419
  4. Hours
    Open today · 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

  5. Pat C and Betsy C came to visit last Fall from Steamboat Springs, CO. We wasted no time going to MORA. As you can see, my comrades were looking gorgeous on a blustery Minnesota day, but -- good times were had by all.

    More recently the Weirs and Hoyts have returned to MORA -- this time to ooh and ahh over an exhibition of post-Soviet painters, all working around the theme of Love and Romance.

    This exhibit is up through the end of September I believe.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

We came across the "Minnehaha" this afternoon while Jim, Poppina and I were cruising Lake Minnetonka in a 27-foot Larson inboard-outboard.

Debuting in 1906 as an extension of the Twin Cities' streetcar system, the Minnehaha provided fast and reliable transportation for the tourists and residents of Lake Minnetonka for nearly twenty years. 
Rising popularity in automobiles caused for her scuttling in 1926, though, and for more than five subsequent decades, the Minnehaha lay forgotten at the bottom of the Lake. 
That changed, however, in 1980, when a salvage team discovered her and raised her back to the surface. 
Finally, after a complete restoration, the Minnehaha returned to passenger service in 1996 and has operated on Lake Minnetonka every season since.
The  Minnehaha is currently owned, maintained and operated by the Museum of Lake Minnetonka, a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization based in Excelsior, Minnesota. You can now sail aboard her on weekends and holidays throughout the summer and autumn seasons.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hiawatha Bike Club Spiritual Advisors Keep July 4th Tour d'Amico Riders Banana-ed and Gator-aded Up.

The smiles you see on these two lovely folks are genuine, and infectuous.  They're involved with the annual July 4th Tour d'Amico bike ride -- three routes, some 150+ participants, co-sponsored by Hiawatha Bike Club and the eponymous restaurant.

When I showed up at Starbucks in Plymouth Station today on my informal, self-supported 1-hour ride, there were 30 or so velos parked outside 'Bucks.  Inside some of the riders were enjoying frozen mocha drinks. Outside my new BFF's, shown here, were pouring Gatorade and offering bananas to the peloton.

The gent (did not get his name, of course) had a powerful hand shake.  "He's a salesman," replied the lady, whom I took to be his wife.  "Thirty-three years with Honeywell, and another 13 with a manufacturer's rep here in the 'Cities."

You meet the best people out on two wheels -- and/or sitting on the stone wall working a velo event.  Happy 4th of July to d' Amico and everybody.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mitsubishi "Mirage" Three-Banger Rental from Enterprise at BDL, Moves along Smartly at 75 MPH.

The car books trash the lithe Mirage from Mitsubishi.  Three cylinders, underpowered for American superhighways, noisy little tires, etc., etc.  But I couldn't believe that such a cute 'mobile deserved the coal-raking.  And with a tiny motor that produced 50-plus MPG, we've got a shot at saving the planet.
What's not to like?

Apparently Enterprise does not include the Mirage in its American-based fleet.  "My" little dreamboat came across the border from Montreal, and bears Quebec plates.

Je me souviens, indeed.

More on the Mirage Adventure in subsequent post.  For now, this little baby rocks. So pleased with its performance, even fully loaded with 5 adults.  Drive on.

Campy Components, Custom Fit Frame, Cannondale Distaff Hybrid, Create Copious Chances for Connubial Velo Blis.

Rodi and Wick, my good velo friends from Stonington, CT, show off new wheels last week.  Rodi demos her new Cannondale alongside the Independent Fabrications custom build that Wick put together in time for my visit.

These guys are velo animals, regularly riding 60 miles on a given Sunday.

They join up with a group of like-minded middle-agers -- minimum Lycra on their bods, and maximum enjoyment on their agenda.

Pedal on, pedal on, these sweet new bikes will keep you strong.