Wednesday, July 27, 2016

1948 Frazer rusts away in a junk lot in Wickenburg, AZ.

Do you remember these auto 'badges' from the 40's and 50's?

Frazer. Henry J. Kaiser Frazer.  Frazer Darren. 

These were successful, powerful brands in their day. Manufactured in Michigan, advertised in leading magazines like Life and Look, and sold through a national dealer network, they fed a voracious auto appetite just after the War.

Tastes changed quickly back then. Competition was ruthless. The Frazer "triad" lost its footing.  Long off-sale and forgotten now, some like this one sit a-rusting in Arizona junk yards.

An occasional Frazer has been restored, but likely occupies a secondary spot in a collector's treasure trove.

The FRASR 48 to your right was discovered on-line.  I believe it's still for sale.  Price was recently reduced to $16,000.  Car looks pretty sweet in this picture. Compare the blue trunk deck with the rusted red above.

One can only imagine if the "rusted red" had received the TLC that Big Blue enjoyed.

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