Monday, July 4, 2016

Hiawatha Bike Club Annual Independence Day Rally.

Hiawatha Bicycling Club "peleton" stopped at Plymouth Starbucks as part of annual July 4th Independence Rallye.  

I was ordering my iced skim latte when I saw this Raleigh-riding, "got blood" t-shirt wearing, veloster outside the window at 'Bucks.

Wish I'd take a minute to ask him about his shirt!!

This enthusiastic volunteer couple took a minute away from handling out carbs, hydration and potassium-rich bananas to pose for a foto.  I knew I knew them from before:  they were at the same coffee spot in Plymouth, at the same time last year.  They remembered me as I did them.  Let's hear it for volunteer continuity!!

Lovely young lady surely wins the prize for best hairdo!  It would be hard to imagine that remarkable blond braid tucked up under the Giro helmet.

I've seen the "Gunnar" brand name -- think they're hand-crafted in Steamboat Springs, CO?  What I can't tell you is if the guy in the shirt was really riding a Gunnar.

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