Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Riding the Luce Line around and near Medicine Lake.

One of Minnesota's fabled "10,000 Lakes," and this one set in the heart of Mpls. suburb Plymouth, Medicine Lake is an appealing and altogether challenging velo destination.  I rode it yesterday for the first time, and in spite of near-90-degree temps had a memorable experience.

You know the Luce Line -- its expansive footprint in the Metro, the high level of path or trail maintenance, its relatively low density of traffic.  Luce Line is one of the reasons the Twin Cities get high marks for bike-friendliness.

As for Medicine Lake, I was interested to read the sign in the photo -- an environmental repair and maintenance program designed to halt lakefront erosion.  When that project is finished the journey will be even more rewarding than it is now.

A sparkling new velo (and I assume pedestrian, skate board, roller blade, anything non-motorized) bridge crosses Hwy. 55 in Plymouth.  The black paint on the railings is so squeakly clean as to be artistic.  Tresses and structural elements are reassuringly sturdy and safe.  Pavement is smooth, flawless.  As I crossed this bridge I wonderered how it had been funded.  Whoever's responsible:  thank you very much!! 

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