Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pedaling the Midtown Greenway: "much more than a traditional trail."

I made it to the Mississippi River today. A five-mile ride that seemed longer, west to east:  likely the strong wide and near-ninety temps.  I didn't exactly have the trail to myself, though there wasn't as much traffic as I expected.  Mostly hard-body, high end veloers, with spandex and colorful jerseys, heads down, and moving fast.

Wish I'd been able to get to my camera to capture a shot of a young lady headed toward me on a foldy bike.  You can see my Giant Expressway II in many of my fotos; it's rare when I spy a fellow "folder." The gal today was likely aboard a Brompton - bright blue frame, I believe. Not sure she was as curious about me as I was about her and her ride.

It was a little eerie to see the name of the late Philando Castile stenciled on the pathway.  Perhaps there was a memorial servvice in his memory the other evening?  Or, his name is meant as a continual reminder of the tragedy that took his life, and a call to action for system-wide change.  

Just before the Lake Street bridge there's a quick turn to the eats, and a steep path down to the Mississippi. A young man in the West River Parkway neighborhood explained that the varisty crew -- eights and fours -- of the University of Minnesota put in their shells from the dock on which my Foldy is reposing.  Today would have been exhilirating out on the river. 

Toward the end of the line one gets a fine history lesson about the visionary Mr. Cleveland and his plan to preserve the riverway and adjacent park land. 

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