Sunday, July 10, 2016

Shopping today in the North Loop. Had to travel by car instead of bike: how else to carry all the loot back home?

It would be so cool to be 2-years old and have one of these Vespa look-alikes in your playroom.

Sale rack at Pacifier.  Poppina found a treasure for some very special grand children.

Special gift items for the very good little grandchildren, tucked into the shopping bag you see in the pic here.  
Foto credit:  Poppina.

Very hip and trendy eyewear shop with pricey designer frames on display inside, and memorable graphics outside. 

Hungry, thirsty, smart-shoppers made a bee-line to Sebastian Joe's to celebrate a spontaneous, successful afternoon of retail adventure.  Ice cream cones and sundaes paid for with cash; credit card needed a rest.

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