Friday, July 22, 2016

MIA staffers help attendees cool off at Annual 3rd Thursday Bike Nite.

Life savers.  That's what we call these young MIA staffers.  Last night in the courtyard at the Annual Bike Night festival, little bottles of chilled H2O goodness were "on the house."  And by the looks of the smiles on theses faces, our MIA hosts were only to happy to deliver the chill.

The  Cycling Museum of Minnesota brought a classic "Penny Farthing" two wheeler to Bike Nite, invited youngsters of all ages to hop aboard, enjoy the "view from the top."   This little veloster could almost reach the pedals.  Next year: for sure.

Techs and all-round good folks from The Hub Bike Co-op were plenty busy last night. Bike Nite attendees pedaling in were invited to have their velos checked out, tightened and tuned where necessary, and with a a few pointers from the Hubsters, sent safely on their way.  
I'm imagining that visitors to the Shinola tent at bike nite were hoping there'd be some swag to take home to condos in Uptown. I looked on from a comfortable distance, a little concerned that my wallet would open mysteriously, my AMEX card pop out under its own steam, and that I'd end up driving the KIA back to Long lake with a shiny new Shinola in the way back. Shinola has the most gorgeous accessories, never mind the bikes -- which everyone seems to want to own.

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