Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bikers for Christ, Ohio Puppy Store, $10. Barber, Burro Jim Motel.

This helmet sort of says where the owner-biker is coming from.  Lots of messages and opinions, causes and loyalties. Saw this one in Arizona a year or two ago.
 This shot was taken in Ohio, of course.  Not sure that I remember where.  I'm a native Buckeye, from Chillicothe in south central Ohio.  Puppy Mills were not welcome in my home town, at least when I was growing up there.
Nash Rambler? Anyone recognize the body style, remember the vintage?

You can get a damned good haircut "Out Wickenburg Way" and the price is a reasonable ten bucks!  After my first trim there I pulled a five spot out of my wallet, handed it to my lady barber and she gave it back, saying I'd overpaid.  When I told her it was a tip she couldn't quite believe her good fortune, and though she accepted the tip, she was never comfortable receiving a 50% bump on the cut.  

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