Monday, August 1, 2016

You'll likely NEVER see a more exquisitely restored Plymouth Woody Wagon.

1941 Plymouth Woody Wagon, chilling in a parking lot in Wayzata, MN, just waiting for me to happen by with my iPhone and start snapping pictures.  I mean:  this restoration, frame up for sure, took two years to accomplish.  I can only imagine how many $$$ were involved, how much pleasure this baby brings its proud owner.

Barrett-Jackson auctioned off a '41 Woody at the Scottsdale show this year.  Car brought $110,000 though you can buy likely lesser-quality versions between $55 -65,000. 

Now here's a hood ornament from the old school.  Three sailing ships, the old Plymouth logo:  how understated and exquisite, a perfect reminder of an era of grandeur.  Damn, that branding is primo, don't you think?

Proud product of the Chrysler Corp., U.S.A.   How much work went into just this one element of the classic 1941 resto?

"Picnic Wonderland" on Lake Minnetonka, indeed.  Those were the days.  Thanks, Mr. Plymouth owner, for restoring this beauty, giving us the chance to relive (vicariously) those most wonderful summer days of yore.

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