Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Every Summer Wet Paint in St. Paul hosts Post Card Artists Competition.

Take a peek at these fotos from the front window of Wet Paint on Grand Ave. in St. Paul.  You'll see imaginative, amusing work:  water colors, collage, decoupage, pen and ink drawings. 

I saw just the beginning of the show that will be"hung" this week.  And while I didn't learn the rules of the road, my suspicion is that artists, throughout the year, create and send notable post cards from their peregrinations. Seattle Market being one such destination. 

Folks at Wet Paint save and display the best -- there may be a prize structure, or simply an opportunity to give pleasure to passers-by and store customers. I like the car from Sawlty Dog Salloon in Homer, Alaska.

  Check it out yourself; let me know which one (s) you like best.

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