Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sunrise Cyclery - Very satisfying velo gear shopping experience.

In search of a more comfortable saddle for my Giant Foldy I headed last week to Sunrise Cyclery, confident I'd find what I was looking for.  I hadn't been to their "new" location -- 29th between Nicollet and Blaisdell -- since Jamie and crew moved the shop four years ago.

It was all I could do to keep my shopping to the seat!  Mouth watering. More damned bikes than I had ever seen filled the shop -- hardly any space to walk.  Bikes of every vintage, make, country of origin, but most of them in good shape.  Business is pretty good the owner says, so plenty of locals are content to buy gently used velos than trade at the new bike stores.

The seat remains uninstalled, though I plan to remedy that tomorrow.  I leaned from Jamie that all seat rails are one standard size, so I shouldn't have a problem getting my new saddle to fit right.

PS - the seat cost $10.00.  Seems more than fair, but we'll know for sure when I've put in ten miles or so and my tender butt is completely comfortable!

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