Friday, August 26, 2016

E-Motion is center of velo attention in Luck, Wisconsin.

Our Colorado pals Ed and Annie hosted us for lunch yesterday at a family cabin in western WI.  There was a classy e-bike in the garage, and I insisted that the Missus pose with hubby nearby.  Ed told me that bike was purchased second-hand, for a great price, and had barely been ridden before Annie took to it like a duck to water.  Annie showed me the controls, I punched in "sport" mode, and rode like the wind, howling at the top of my voice.  What a trip.

On our way to Luck MY missus and I stopped in Lindstrom, MN for a photo op.  Check the wiener on top of the building in the background.  The business is a meat market (wiener: get it?) and we couldn't help taking a pic or two.  A lady working in an office building about where I'm standing came out to say something like:  "So many people passing through Lindstrom stop and take a pic of the wiener."  And here WE thought we were the first and only ones.  That's cool.

Back in the garage for a moment, from whence came the E-Motion, I spotted a formidable collection of personal flotation vests, suggesting that the water skiing on Bone Lake is, well, itself formidable. 

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