Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bridge Coffee - the new Java Joint in Delano, MN. It's a Family Affair, and they brew darned tasty coffee, too.

Bridge Coffee has been up and running since May on Bridge Ave. East in Delano, MN.  And while conventional wisdom says summer is a slow time of year, owner and president David Eidahl reports that his business is booming.

Son Christian and associate "J.T." round out the team. 

Cushions on the shop chairs are covered in authentic coffee bean shipping bags.  Dave's wife noticed a stack of the bags when she and Dave visited the roaster.

Suggested Mrs. Eidahl:  let's cover the seats in Bridge Coffee with the bags. They'll look great and provide a unique touch. And so they do.

I ordered an iced latte, and was not disappointed.  Coffee roast was smooth and yummy, with just the right amont of milk.  I'll definitely go back for more.

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