Monday, May 25, 2015

Cousin Cash Hoyt Honors Dr. Charles, My Dad.

Grandview Cemetery sits on the highest hill in the Scioto River Valley, with a "grand view" of Ohio's first capital, Chillicothe.  Chillicothe is my home town.  My cousin Cash's home town.  His dad Joe's (my uncle) home town.  And home town to my father (and Cash's uncle) Charles N. Hoyt, MD.

Cash paid tribute today to the many Hoyt's at Grandview.   Dad and Uncle Joe were both decorated vets from WW II, and are interred next to each other there.

They called my father "Chesty" in admiration of his formidable upper body.  A man of average height, and above-average intelligence , compassion and creativity, Chesty's chest was massive.  It was his calling card in many ways.  It held a generous, grateful, oversized heart.

Thank you, Cash, for the photo.  It's been way too long since I've been to Chillicothe, and Grandview, and in front of my Dad's headstone. This Memorial Day would have been a perfect opportunity to pay tribute to this wonderful man.

Next year, for sure.

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