Friday, May 22, 2015

Mini-High Rise Rises off Lyndale in Minneapolis.

Turned off Lake Street this morning, making my way toward town, when I spotted this mini-high rise on Lyndale. I must have driven by this apartment complex a million times -- it's near Art Supply, French Meadow Cafe, Flanders Second Hand Bikes, Planet Soccer, etc.  There was no traffic to speak of, so I stopped the KIA Sportage, stuck the iPhone 5 out the window of the driver's side, and clicked away.  I'd just snapped a City Bikes rack in front of the billowing American Flag pubic art.  Wish I'd had a crisper lens, but opportunities come when they arise, and you use what what you've got.  There's plenty of urban adventure where I live, and I am rarely disappointed on my travels.  Come see for yourselves some time soon.

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