Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dahlia Sale Today, Medina's Two Pony Gardens.

We spent quality time (and some serious $$) today at Lisa's annual Dahlia Sale at Two Pony Gardens .  Our friends Annie and Melinda made purchases for their gardens.  As did Poppina for ours.   As you can see in fotos below Pat helped Lisa run the check-out line.  
Coffee was brewing in the pot, rice crispy/marshmallow treats had been baked for the customers, and even old Ethel, the chocolate lab, awakened to greet the guests. The carriage wheel directing eager shoppers to the dahlia green house is the real deal. 
One of the spokes is busted, as you'll note, but the wheel, when new and in working order, rode on the right front axle of a horse-drawn farm wagon that very much serves Two Pony today.

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