Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This is Art: sand, water, air bubbles are intoxicating to look at, impossible to ignore, ever-changing, almost magical.

Barely an inch thick, and layered with the finest grains of sands, of many hues, this active-art piece is filled with water and air, presenting an ever-changing landscape to delight the eye, and soothe the soul.

Our hosts at dinner last night found the piece in the Denver Art Museum. They were mesmerized: the tiniest grans of sand fell like mist from top of the frame to the bottom, creating landscapes as it settled.  Like an egg timer, you they turned this art upside down once all sand had settled, and the process started all over again.

Instructions call for adding water when the original eau evaporates. There's also a tiny hole in the frame just big enough for a needle to fit.  A hypodermic is supplied to add air when more bubbles are needed. 

After dinner guests could sit around the table and watch this art progress.  Never the same results. Not able to predict the fall-out.  A cool marvel is this Art form.  We're going to get one for our home!

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