Friday, May 29, 2015

Dunn Bros. Coffee, Plymouth, MN -- Bill, Natalie, and art by Bill's Daughter. .

Bill owns the Dunn Bros. java stop on Vicksburg in Plymouth. I'm a regular there, so I get primo service from Bill and barista Natalie when I fill up my growler with Infinity Black cold press. I snapped a foto of our intrepid team yesterday, then persuaded Bill to pose solo, as in foto below.

Here's our hard-working independent businessman behind the roaster, holding (with great pride) a blow up of the master at work, snapped by Bill's daughter.  Part of a senior project in her photography class, the work is very good to this eye:  tight focus on the beans (which, after all, are at the heart of the business) and the master's hand as he assures that the process is just-so.

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