Saturday, May 9, 2015

Workhorse Coffee Bar Opens on University + Raymond in St. Paul, Delights with Superb Java from Day One.

Business partners Ty Barnett and Shannon Forney are off to a roaring start at their week-old Workhorse Coffee Bar in St. Paul.

Ty (on left, wearing "tie") is the mixologist -- her lattes: magical, sublime, shaken not stirred -- while Shannon is business manager -- out front, greeting customers, taking orders, working the register, making EVERY customer feel special.

I've been twice to Workhorse in a week.  Ordered an iced latte first time, along with a croissant.  Next trip: same iced latte, but this time an apple fritter to go down easy w/the java. The workhorses are experimenting with their baked goods, but they got the coffee part down pat, right out of the gate.

Out of the gate.  Workhorse. Get it?

Get it, indeed, and get ye to the best new coffee spot in the 'Cities.  This place already rocks and I plan to do my part in making the Workhorse Coffee Bar a big success.

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