Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back of Calhoun Cycle and Dunn Bros. is some Tantalizing Tromp L'Oeil. Check out doors and Windows. Coulda fooled me.

You've been in that Calhoun Cycle lot at 34th and Hennepin a million times.  You've demo-ed the Brompton, stopped for lattes at Dunn Bros.  Likely parted with more $$$ at retail than you'd planned. 

BUT, did you ever notice the tromp l'oeil work on the doors and brick walls of said building?

I know there's a studio apartment upstairs, over the coffee shop.  The outside stairs give it away.  But I couldn't get over the imagination of the building owner -- tricked out what would ordinarily be, well, quite an ordinary facade.  And tricked the eye while at it. Nice execution, Picasso.

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