Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pedaling the Stone Arch Bridge and Environs, Taking Color Pics w/iPhone 5, Converting to Black + White.

Left the velo at home today and drove to parking lot near the Stone Arch Bridge.  This is the same spot we've brought visitors, family and friends -- I remember the day Joe and Nancy joined NTS and me to walk "over and around the Mighty Mississippi."  Decided to try a few shots at infinity with the iPhoto 5, and they are presented for your enjoyment here.

The red and white interlocking barriers (now B + W),  don't look anywhere near as imposing in this here as they do in real life.  I took this shot some forty feet above the barriers, steadying the cam-phone on the railing along the Stone Arch Bridge.

The Mighty Miss is pretty subdued at this time of the year.  I like the stairs to the left, and tried to edit/adjust the shot for maximum contrast.

A new Mom cools her heels, catches her breath, and lets the magic of the Mississippi River re-energize and restore.

The iconic Gold Medal "skyscraper," Minneapolis style.  This historical gem is now Mill City Museum, and interactive, educational expereince unlike any I've seen.  You hould check this out for yourself.

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