Tuesday, August 4, 2015

City of Minneapolis Public Works builds-out "Parklets," and I visited one thYis afternoon out-front of "Canteen"

A parklet is a seasonal expansion of the existing sidewalk designed for the public to relax and enjoy the city.
Parklets are an innovative and cost effective way to add public gathering space to public streets. Parklets are streetscape enhancements, providing an economical solution for increased public open space. Parklets provide amenities like seating, plantings, bike parking and public art. While parklets are typically funded and maintained by neighboring businesses, residents and community organizations, they are publicly accessible and open to all. Parklets are located in the parking lane adjacent to the curb designed as an extension of the sidewalk. Advertising and other commercial activities are not permitted in the parklet.
You can see the shadow of a cozy, protective, summer umbrella straddling the sidewalk and 2 x 6 wood decking.  Chairs are pretty comfy, the facilities are spotless, and a customer of "Canteen" can stroll out the shop's front door, iced latte in hand, plop down in a parklet chair and read all news in the latest issue of the Strib.

When I checked on-line to learn more about parklets -- a familiar concept, but the specifics here in Minneapolis were unknown to me -- I learned that two parklet are up and running, with three more expected soon.

Now were inside Canteen 3522.  The owner is one of those creative types, hung an old mattress spring on the store wall because he liked the looks of it there.  That's what i was told, at any rate.

At work behind the counter, making a delicioso iced latte.  Yummmm.

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