Monday, August 24, 2015

Yard Sale Shopper on Whidbey Buys Irresistable Treasure, pays with $5.00 bill, plus one Freshly Caught 20lb. Wild Salmon.

So, I learn from my Sis that a shopper scored an item from the yard sale for a 5-spot, plus a wild salmon the guy has just caught.   "How much is salmon per lb.," I asked. "Might be $8.99 on sales," replies Sis.

So, a 20-pounder used in barter, yielding fillets at $8.99, Washington-state style, comes out to more than $150.00.  Wow.  Good deal for the fisherman -- salmon running non-stop off coast of the island -- not to mention good deal for the yard sale folks.

THEN (and check out sign below from my local supermarket) Wild King Salmon here in the Heartland sell for $16.99 per fillet-pound.

Lesson and Market Moral?  Availability of something, like seasonal running of wild salmon, and its possible over-abundance, determines price --per item, per Pound, per sign, per whatever. You sure don't need government regulation here when it comes to pricing -- product safety, freshness, and quality, however; that's another matter.

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